Yobs on the streets
Saturday 27th June

Last night when I was walking from the bars to the car at 2am, there was a lot of altercations on the streets. People arguing, shouting, starting fights. There were people hustling passers by for cigarettes. Between Piccadilly Gardens and the pizza place on Oxford Road, there were at least 10 disputes and what looked fights about to start.

It's at the point of where if I'm with friends or a date I'd have to take a taxi from the bars to where my car is parked. A bus is another option although the night buses can be very slow, staying at some stops for 10 or so minutes. I'm ok walking when I'm on my own. I can take care of myself although with friends it's different. Also it's not pleasant to have to dodge through the battlezone that is 2am in the city.

The police aren't anywhere to be seen. It appears when the students left university the police presence was reduced.

I've spoken to many people who say they plan to emigrate to a place where it's safe. Where they can go out at night, it's clean, and not worry about their safety.

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Alex Remizo