Superficial women
Monday 25th May

I turn on the mobile phone and receive a message. It's from one of the ladies I've been dating lately. She's cancelled the date tonight which was tonight at 8pm. The reason given is that she's busy with work and will call me in 2 weeks when she has more time. The real reason is more likely because our dates have become repetitive. We've been going to Didsbury every week.

I was getting lifts to Didsbury and back and it also meant I could drink a few pints. I've been so busy with business, the car accident and the jury service letter, there hasn't been the time or inclination to plan a big impressive night out.

"Girls just want to have fun" is right and the moment things aren't going 100% right for the guy, most women will go and find another guy with who everything is rosy. I don't hear "Stand by your man" playing.

Then I'm driving around Altrincham with 106.9FM on the radio. The window down, the warm weather, and she's no big deal. Another one of the ladies I've been out with lately is back from a business trip to Paris on Wednesday. 106.9 Silk FM plays Dangerzone by Kenny Logins, then the theme to Beverly Hills Cop.

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Alex Remizo