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Sunday 28th June

On Monday I'm going on another date with the lady I originally met in Font bar. Wednesday is the casino in Stockport for food and drinks with Alex K. I've spoken to Zoe who I met at the city socialising event on Saturday 20th June and she wants to meet this week. She says she'll introduce me to some of her friends. It would be good to know some more guys to go to bars with. It's also nice because she's someone I've met who can introduce me to more people.

I've spoken to a lady today who I met at the first speed dating event I went to at the Circle Club. I'm meeting her on Thursday.

That's 3 days booked going out so far this week, 4 if the city socialiser lady - Zoe - can make it on Tuesday.

It takes time to find the best places in the city. Meet people - from getting numbers and first meetups to the point of knowing each other. This project is really getting there now. It's been a lot of exciting adventures to build a lifestyle in the city.

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