The price of love
Friday 19th June

I've been single for a few weeks now. My last girlfriend, we broke up simply because she wanted me to spend lots of cash on her and I didn't. It's the recession and time to save money for promoting businesses in future. It all came to a point when we were out on a date in Didsbury. Have you ever been on one of those dates when it feels like you're blowing a pound every minute? A bottle of beer, a glass of wine for her, some chips because you're hungry. Some more drinks, and so on. The date stops being fun when you realise - I'm spending 60 an hour here!

Guys know they have to be able to support a lady. We like to be able to look after them. It's ok. There is a limit though. Here's a rundown of the cost of keeping a long term girlfriend in Manchester.

Weekly cost of long term girlfriend equals 1 and a half days wages.

The more money a man earns the more he spends on his lifestyle, which includes going out with a girlfriend. So whether one and a half days earns 150 or 200, it works out about right.

There's another equation

Daily pay is more than or equal to 60 after tax.

This means his daily pay must be greater or equal to 60. That's a minimum of 90 a week (one and a half days wages) for the cost of meals out, bars, nightclubs, taxis and one holiday a year. This is using figures such as a meal for two costing 40 and 4 to 5 a glass of wine at trendy bars.

A guy needs a level of money and power, at least to be able to buy a meal out and taxis.

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Alex Remizo