Tatton Park American Car Show
Sunday 6th July

It's 8:30am. I wasn't going to go, but now I've decided to go to the American Car Show at Tatton Park. It's good to have real life experiences visiting events.

At 8:50am I arrive at Tatton Park, wait around the car for 5 minutes as I'm early, then go into the car show area. There are trailers serving food such as sausages, chips, bacon sandwiches and drinks. However there's only about 15 American cars.

The show is meant to start at 9:00am although barely anyone has arrived.

At 9:15am I'm stood near the food vans, next to the entrance road, and the vehicles start arriving. Cars, pickups, army trucks. At car shows you normally see them all parked up. It's great watching them all drive past with their V8 engines running.

It's an enjoyable morning out.

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Tatton Park
Tatton Park

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Alex Remizo