Tatton Park Classic Car Show
Sunday 31st May

It's 8:25am and Alex K arrives at my place. He's driven here in a Toyota Starlet with matt white paintwork, also there's a big dent in the centre of the rear bumper where it was reversed into a lamppost! I don't think this car even has an MOT. It's all Alex K could get hold of today.

The weather is blue skies, sunny, it's going to be a very nice day. Alex K leaves his car at my place and we set off in my Volvo 940.
We're now driving along country lanes in Ashley.
Alex K: "What's the crazy driving for?"
Me: "It's country lanes, it's a clear road and a 60 zone. I'm enjoying the drive."
I take a left hand bend at high speed, the car has a lot of body roll.
Alex K: "I thought you were cautious about driving after that guy drove into your car. You're not bothered by it at all are you?"
Me: "I am when it comes to deciding whether to use the car, but no so much once I'm driving."

The Volvo 940 is a two ton gas guzzler with soft suspension. When it corners fast there's lots of body roll. When straightening up after a corner the car body sways the opposite way requiring more steering adjustments and skill. It can feel quite exhilarating or scary at high speed.

I'm also driving fast because I want to get to the car show before the queues. Alex K enjoys the high speed driving anyway. He's skilled at driving in the city, I'm skilled at driving along countryside winding roads. This Volvo really is enjoyable, comfortable and powerful to drive.

Now we're driving along the straight road before Tatton Park with the perimeter wall on the left hand side.
Alex K: "What are you doing!" he says half laughing.
Me: "Enjoying the straight road." I say being cool.
I put the accelerator to the floor to use kickdown, revving the engine high and racing down the quiet country road this morning.
Alex K: "What's that?"
Me: "Kickdown."
Alex K: "You can change gears? How does it do that?"
Me: "Electronic servos or something."
Alex K: "Cool."
Me: "Wow, I need a rest."

We arrive at Tatton Park and enjoy the classic car show. There are Porsches, BMW's, Ferraris and many more. Some of the cars here are works of art, some are designed for a purpose. We talk to the owners, including a long chat with an owner of a Ferrari and a Mercedes convertible. A guy who has a gold Pontiac Trans Am shows us the original purchase documents and history of the car which is very interesting. It's a really great day out.

Summary and venue reviews: Sunday 31st May

Tatton Park
Very busy. Clientele: car enthusiasts.
Notes: Tatton Park American and Classic car show is a well run event and en enjoyable day out.
Tatton Park

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