Street dating lifestyle Part 2
Friday 19th June

I park the car at 9:55pm. The streets are very busy because of people leaving the Bill Bailey comedy show. By 10:15pm I arrive outside the McDonalds. A brunette waiting outside gives me a dirty look. Nice. Then the blonde arrives to meet me and the brunette notices the blonde is hot. The brunette changes her opinion as my image goes from a guy waiting on his own to a guy with a hot lady. The brunette shows a look of jealousy, then puts on a mask of niceness and friendly look.
Why can't anyone just relax! Why so much hate towards a guy on his own. So much kindness to a guy surrounded by women.

Me and the blonde - I don't know her name. I never find out her name. We walk over to the Birdcage nightclub. I take her there because it's a safe venue for someone new to the city. The music is upbeat and it's a consistently run place - you know it's going to be good every Friday night. The drag cabaret isn't my kind of thing, although the club is that well run it's worth going.

We have a fun conversation. Arrive at the club. We go inside and she loves it. We dance, have drinks, enjoy the music, it's all great fun.

Now it's around midnight and we're sitting at one of the tables but she starts getting upset. I wonder what's wrong because she was enjoying it.
Her: "I don't like it here anymore."
Me: "Why not?"
Her: "There's too many women. Can we go?"
Me: "What's wrong with that? It's a safe place, good music."
Her: "I just don't like it. I don't know. It's all the women."
She goes on like this for a few minutes.

She calms down and put her head on my shoulder.
I put my arm around her.
She looks at me.
Maybe all this was because I haven't kissed her yet. I wasn't going to bother, since she's going to Brighton tomorrow and I'll never see her again. We could be just friends and she could visit and come out with us occasionally.
It's not like I'm not attracted to her.
I move closer. She's smiling.
She moves away.
Her: "I want to go. I've got to get up early tomorrow at 7am."
Me: "You're only in Manchester once. You might as well make the most of it."
Her: "I want to go. Is it ok if I go."
Me: "Sure. Do what you like."
She leaves.

A few ladies chat to me now I'm sitting on my own. I tell one of them the story of what happened and they enjoy the drama.

There's one lady in her 40's having a great time and really getting everyone into enjoying the party atmosphere.

I dance on my own on the dancefloor. Imagining I'm like one of those guys in 80's movies who love dancing on their own and at the same time with the crowd. A few ladies dance opposite me but I'm not that into pulling. They want me to dance all close and sexy although I'm bored of that by now.

Two pick up artists are now on the dancefloor. They're wearing suits, slick back hair, approaching all the women on the dancefloor and being blown out one after another. Their approach is so bad. The women outnumber men here 4-1 however, once the pick up artists have been around the dynamic of the place changes. The women have all put themselves on pedestals by now. It's because once they've been approached they put on their 'I'm so in demand' act and they've all become boring and identical now.

I get it now. She didn't like the club because women outnumbered guys. It took away all her sexual power over men. Guys weren't swooning all over her and I certainly wasn't. I liked her but I meet lots of ladies so it's not a major deal. She was very attractive, nearly 6ft tall, nice legs, good figure. This club was an environment with people not reacting to her, which she never encountered in her life.

Maybe most women only feel safe when they've got men swooning and hitting on them. That's why the ones who aren't so classically good looking are more emotionally stable and fun to be around.

It was worth coming out just to have this realisation.

I leave the club and the doorman looks at me as if to say - why did you come in with a lady and leave on your own. I don't care by now. I walk across the city, reach Portland street and there she is! What is the chance of seeing her again? One in a hundred thousand.

Me: "Hi."
Her: "Hi. I've been to a rock club!" she smiles then realises how she left me in the club and changes her tone.
Her: "I've got to go."
Me: "It's ok. Don't worry about it. And you shouldn't be wandering the city on your own."
Sometimes I wonder why I care. It's a weakness when dealing with todays women.

I go to the casino, place two bets and win at roulette. I say to the croupier
Me: "Can I have cash chips."
Croupier: "Why don't you keep playing? You might win more."
Me: "No thanks."
He gives me cash chips.
These casinos don't like it when I keep winning. The trick is to cash out when you're up.

I walk towards Popolinos pizza place. Chat up a lady in the street on the way over, get on, she writes her number down. She's a masters student called Faye. Another date for next week. I'll schedule it for Wednesday in Didsbury.

I'm in Popolinos now. There are two ladies dressed as the Incredibles and one dressed as Supergirl.
Supergirl: "Hi!"
Incredibles lady: "Hi. We're not crazy by the way. We were with a whole group of people earlier. It's for her birthday." she says pointing to the Supergirl.

I order a pineapple and mushroom pizza.

I sit down and someone shouts to me
Him: "Are you Alex, from Manchester University years ago?"
I look around, it's someone who used to be on my course. He's with 5 guys. All in indie clothes looking dishevelled.
Him: "Come over here. Sit with us."
I sit with them.
Him: "Where have you been tonight?"
Me: "I met a lady in McDonalds from Brighton, went clubbing later. She left because there were too many ladies at the Birdcage. I went to the casino and won some cash. Then met another lady, swapped numbers and came here."
His friend: "Wow, you're a player man! We should meet up and go to the casino together. Do you play poker?!"
Me: "No, I don't really like gambling."
His friend: "You and me should go out meeting the ladies. I'm glad I met a guy like you." he says as if half taking the mickey.
Me: "Are you trying to be a wiseguy?"
His friend: "No way man! I'm saying……"
Me: "Shut it and eat your pizza."
The group all look up to me as if a fight is about to start. But the guy goes quiet and eats his food.

I go back to talking with the guy I know from university. He's amused at the way I dealt with his friend.
Me: "So what are you doing now?"
Him: "I'm a supply teacher. It's ok."
Me: "That's a good job."
Him: "What are you doing?"
Me: "I used t run events, although I decided to change and have a go at writing. I've written a book for students to make the most of university."
Him: "How's it going?"
Me: "It's in some bookshops, on Amazon. It's selling but I need it in more outlets to make a living off it."
We talk a while longer.
We say bye. I give him my email.

I go to my car and drive south out of the city.

Summary and venue reviews

McDonalds Oxford Road
Medium busy. Décor: 6/10.
McDonalds Oxford Road

Birdcage nightclub
Busy. Décor: 10/10.
Notes: Good music and quick service.
Birdcage nightclub

Circus Casino
Medium busy. Décor: 7/10.
Circus casino

Popolinos takeaway
Quiet. Décor: 6/10.
Notes: Good value and quick service.
Popolinos takeaway

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