Street dating lifestyle Part 1
Friday 19th June

Today a business deal didn't go down for me which I was relying on to provide an income over the next 6 months to a year. The guy who was meant to be running events for me wanted to cancel and rearrange todays meeting, which is one reason I called it off. The other reason is because I found out he's been late filing his accounts this year.

I have rules in certain business deals which are:
If they cancel and rearrange the meeting, call off the deal.
If they turn up more than 7 minutes late without good reason, call off the deal.

Rearranging and lateness is a sign of sloppiness. It will mean a lot of problems when doing business with them, especially when it comes to running events.

Now it's 4pm and I'm in Manchester centre with Baz. I've started the weekend early since there's no business to do. I meet Baz outside Kro Bar Piccadilly Gardens.

We're in the Manchester Arndale Food Court. I'm having a Sweet Chilli Chicken McDonalds as an afternoon snack.

Me: "Did you get any matches at speed dating?"
Baz: "I didn't get one. I was surprised about that."
Me: "I didn't either."
Baz: "Oh right. I thought I got on with some of them well."
Me: "I take it as a complement. The crazy ladies there weren't attracted to me because I wasn't their type."
Baz: "You might have something there."
Me: "They were all those types like it said in a book. Destined to be a shrew in later life. Once settled down with them they'll turn."

We decide to chat up some random ladies in the street.

I mean why not? I chat to them in bars, nightclubs, everywhere else so why not in the street.

I chat up a lady near Marks and Spencer who turns out to be married. One in St. Ann's Square who works for a charity. It's a fun conversation although she says "I'm living with someone" which could mean she's got a boyfriend or a girlfriend. This is Manchester. I talk with a lady on Oxford Road who says she is director of Children's BBC, moved up from London because the BBC is moving lots of it's operations here.

Baz: "They were smiling, the conversations went well.

It gives you a boost having enjoyable conversations with people. Also it was interesting to meet the BBC lady.

I've come up with a new routine to chat to people. It goes like this:

Me: "Hi, can I get your opinion on something?"
Them: "Yes, sure."
Me: "Me and my friend were having a discussion. How women wear tight fitting clothes to show off their figure, while men wear loose clothes and not such bright colours or designs. Does that indicate we live in a society where women are recognised for how they look, while men are more about what they stand for?"

Replies include:

Them: "That's rubbish. Women wear loose clothing and do power dressing with shoulder pads."


Them: "That's an interesting point. It's probably true."


Them: "That's not true. Why would guys want to wear tight clothes anyway?!"
Me: "We don't. It's just an observation. Although some guys are starting to wear skinny jeans."

It's all good fun and a lot of laughs.

Me and Baz go to McDonalds on Oxford Road. Baz buys an extra value meal.

Mid conversation Baz says:
Baz: "I don't see anything wrong with dating younger women. I mean between 20 to 25. Most women in Manchester are pregnant by the time they are 25 anyway."

We're sitting at one of the tables near the window. There's a hot blonde about 23 years old sitting across from us. She's wearing a red leather jacket, cardigan over the shoulders, flowery top, tight high cut white denim shorts, ripped leopard print tights over black tights, and black ankle boots. She's wearing a small amount of make-up and has blond curly hair, possibly dyed.

Me: "How's it going?"
She doesn't hear.
Me: "Hi, blond lady."
She looks up.
Me: "I noticed you there. Are you up to anything good?"
Her: "I'm waiting around. I'm going to watch Bill Bailey later." she says smiling.
Me: "Is he famous?"
Her: "He's a comedian."
She goes on to explain about Bill Bailey ad discusses comedy routines with Baz. Baz knows all the famous comedians.

Me: "Where are you from?"
Her: "Brighton."
Me: "Are you on holiday?"
Her: "I'm looking at universities."

That makes her 18, not 23 which she looks.

Me: "What are you planning to do?"
Her: "Medicine. There are only two universities that do it as problem based learning - Manchester and Exeter. Do you know what Manchester is like?"
Me: "Yes. I studied at Manchester. It's a good university because there's lots going on. Going out, clubs and societies. There's a radio station - I had my own radio show."
Her: "Really?"
Me: "Yes."
Baz: "The Medics have a lot of fun at Manchester University. There's always lots of parties."
Me: "I'm not sure what the teaching is like. There have been reports of them taking too many students on the course and not enough teaching hours. Some students with lower grades are later kicked off the course and made to study at Crewe. For entertainment and going out Manchester is very good."
Her: "How is it compared to London?"
Me: "I had a friend who went to London and said it was very spread out."
Baz: "Lots of southerners come to Manchester and see it as a place to party because it's not expensive."
Me: "My friend says compared to London they roll out the red carpet for students in Manchester. It's up to you though. I don't want to sway your decision. Have a look around and make up your mind."

We talk for 20 minutes about going out, entertainments, comedy and so on.

Her: "What are you doing later?"
Me: "Going home in an hour."
Her: "I was going to a bar or club after the show. Do you know anywhere good?"
Me: "There's bars around here on Oxford Road. There's also the Printworks."
Her: "I went to Mojo last night. That was realy good."
Me: "If you enjoyed it why not go there again."
Her: "Are there any good clubs?"
Me: "Tiger Tiger is ok. Are you going on your own?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "You could try the Birdcage. It's got a camp theme but the music is good and you'll be safe there on your own."
Her: "Where is it?" she takes out a map.
Me: "There on Withy Grove, opposite the Printworks. If you go, walk along here, right at the library." I say showing her on the map.

We give her directions to avoid the sidestreets and alleyways.

Her: "Can I get a taxi back?"
Me: "Maybe, they could all be booked up."
Her: "Is there a taxi rank?"
Me: "Don't go to the taxi rank. It's the most dangerous place to be."
Her: "Oh right."

After giving her more tips on how to stay safe I say
Me: "We're going to get going."
Her: "Where?"
Me: "For a walk around town."
Her: "Can I come with you?"
Me and Baz really wanted to discuss some things and catch up. I look at Baz and he looks at me as if to say ok, let her come along.
Me: "Ok."

We go for a walk around town.
Baz: "I've got to get going. I'm busking later. I'll leav you to it."
Baz leaves and I go with the lady to Starbucks.

We have fun sitting and talking in Starbucks.

At 7:00pm she goes to watch Bill Bailey at the Palace theatre. As she's saying bye, she asks for my number and invites me clubbing later. I say I'll let her know.

I arrive home at 7:45pm

So now I'm at home in Altrincham.

Should I go clubbing with her tonight? She's gong home to Brighton tomorrow morning so I'll probably never see her again. At 18 he's younger than ladies I usually meet up with.
Then I decide I would like to go toa nightclub anyway. It might be fun to go dancing with someone new. It won't cost me anything either because I managed to get hold of some guest list queue jump tickets. Yes, I'll go. It'll be a good night. She texts me at home and we arrange to meet outside McDonalds on Oxford Road.

Summary and venue reviews

Manchester Arndale
Medium busy. Décor: 7/10.
Notes: The Manchester Arndale Food Court has a range of takeaways and food sellers.
Manchester Arndale

McDonalds Oxford Road
Medium busy. Décor: 6/10.
McDonalds Oxford Road

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