Steves social circle
Saturday 13th June

I park near the BBC studios and go to Popolinos for a pizza. It's 6:45pm and the man hands over the Pineapple and Mushroom pizza. I go outside and stand in the sun by the car using the boot as a table. Halfway through I decide to sit in the nearby park. I go to the park where some 50 year old yobs try to hustle me for free pizza and I let them know where to go.

Some people in this city have no self respect. It's common that if you've got some food like pizza or chips, random people will ask for some. They're not beggars either.

I enjoy the pizza in the sun in the park.

I go to the Circle Club where there's an event on. Steve from Social Circle is relaunching his business and some people invited me down. As I walk up to the doorway of the venue I notice Steve
Steve: "Thanks for coming down."
Me: "You're looking very smart." I say complementing him on his suit.
Steve: "Thank you very much."
He motions for me to walk along the red carpet and into the club.
Steve comes across very professionally tonight. It's impressive how he's taking his business so seriously.

At the event I meet lots of nice people. There's also a lady from speed dating last night who interestingly says:
Her: "We had a good time going to a bar afterwards with some people from speed dating. We found that there seem to be more normal guys at speed dating than women. The guys were saying there was a group of crazy doctors."

If you go out often enough in a big city like Manchester it's possible to start seeing the same people around.

I meet some more people, have conversations, it's an enjoyable event. I leave at 9:30pm.

Summary and venue reviews: Saturday 13th June

Popolinos takeaway
Quiet. Clientele: smart casual. Décor: 6/10.
Notes: A pizza takeaway offering good value pizzas.

Circle Club
Busy. Clientele: smart casual, smart. Décor: 7/10.
Notes: A private members club in Manchester.
Circle Club

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