Rough Justice
Wednesday 24th June

One of the ladies I met recently - I won't give her name to protect her privacy - has been drink driving. This is the kind of classy woman you can meet on a night out in the city! It's 6:45pm and I'm talking to her on the phone. It's a very interesting story.

Her: "I know drink driving is wrong and very bad and I could have killed someone. This is what happened. I haven't been sleeping lately so I've been taking homeopathy tablets and they've worked to an extent. I never realised they weren't meant to be taken with alcohol. One Sunday last month it was a hot day and I'd had some wine. In the evening I was invited to a bar so I drove out. I shouldn't have done but thought there wasn't much alcohol in me by then. Later I'm driving home and I black out. When I wake up I realise I've crashed the car into a railing.
It was the homeopathy tablets mixed with alcohol. The police came and put me in the back of the van. They drove around for 2 hours. I don't know why but they did. They tried to breathalyse me 3 times but the equipment didn't work.
Later they took me to a police station where a doctor was going to take a blood sample. For some reason the doctor said he's not going to because I'm to drunk. I'm saying - take a sample - because by then I'm sure there won't be much alcohol in my bloodstream. They don't take it. I can't give a urine sample. So now it comes to being in court.
The police have started making things up. They're saying that I refused a breath test, when really I gave three although it wouldn't work. On the police arrest sheet it says that the equipment didn't work - on the boxes they ticked on the night. The lawyer thinks I might even have a chance of being let off. Although it's difficult when it's the police word against yours.
I can't believe they're saying I refused a breath test though. Also they're meant to have CCTV recording of me asking the doctor to take a blood sample. They have cameras to record everything for evidence, although we don't know if we can get that.
Everything I said about this is completely true and I'm not lying in any way. I told you exactly as it happened."

A lot of police do their job properly and we should be proud of our police force. However it is concerning when you hear stories like this. After all just like MP's, solicitors and other people can tell lies, police can too. I don't know who is telling the truth in this story, but it's interesting anyway.

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Alex Remizo