Random approach in Stockport
Wednesday 27th May

It's 4:00pm and I'm walking along Wellington Road in Stockport. Stockport is a town near Manchester with a wide selection of shops. As I'm walking along a lady smiles at me and catches my eye. I stop her by saying
Me: "Hi, how's it going?"
Her: "Good." she says smiling.
Me: "I don't usually talk to people in the street. I noticed you walking past. Where are you from?"
Her: "Gatley."
Me: "Is that in Cheshire?"
Her: "Yes, about 15 minutes from here."
Me: "We should meet up again, go for a coffee."
Her: "Ok."
Me: "Have you got a pen and paper? I haven't got my mobile with me."
She looks in her bag, she has her mobile in her hand.
Me: "I'll give you my number and you can send me a text?"
Her: "Yes, ok."
Me: "07......"
She types in the number.
I decide to make conversation. I've learned from going to clubs and bars it's important to get to know them on some level or they won't answer the phone. It makes you appear more selective and it's useful to find out early on whether you'll get on or not.
Me: "What are you doing today?"
Her: "I've been to the library and I'm on my way home."
Me: "Where do you like going out?"
Her: "Everywhere really."
Me: "Manchester?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "Any particular bars or clubs?"
Her: "I go to Didsbury a lot."
Me: "I go to Didsbury too, I've got friends who live there. Do you know the Woodstock?"
We talk for a few minutes. We get on well. She\says she works at a pub in Didsbury. We say bye.

I haven't approached anyone in a bar or nightclub for over 3 months. It's because of speed dating I haven't needed to. However, the skills I learned from meeting people in bars and nightclubs has filtered through into every area of my life. Meaning when I saw a lady in the street, we checked each other, I could take the opportunity to swap details with her.

I drive home, turn on my mobile and there's a text message from the lady I met. She's texted how nice it was to meet.

I decide to watch a DVD. I haven't watched TV for 6 months because I've been so busy with work and hobbies.

I watch the DVD and afterwards realise how powerful and influential television is. While you might watch TV, you can't escape the influence it has on our lives. It's as if:

People watch TV and try to be that character on TV, the clothes, car, occupation. They lose the ambition to get that good vibe in the real world. So much that they don't cares for those around them in the real world.

Are there any role models in the real world left?

Summary and venue reviews: Wednesday 27th May

Medium busy.
Notes: A shopping centre south east of Manchester. At Stockport it's easy to park near the shops..
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