Proud to be working or middle class
Wednesday 1st July

At the moment I'm running low on cash. My outgoings are more than the money coming in, especially since the business deal to run a neighbourhood website fell through. The person that was meant to be doing it wasn't right for it. I realised they wouldn't stick at it so it fell through.

Many people don't want to work nowadays.

If you work very hard at something, you'll achieve something. It's as simple as that. You may or may not become a celebrity. You will be a success either way.

Of course you do need an element of smarts. It's no good working hard at something which loses money. It might be you have a job and work hard at something after work. That's a start. Even if it's a hobby, not a money making scheme, it can still be worth doing and you can be a success.

Start small, build it up. Then you can build up the experience and your own style. Then you can hit the big time.

It's the recession and I'm cutting costs by going out to places where drinks cost less.

Maybe one day I'll hit the big time and not have to be concerned about the cost of drinks or food so much. Although I'm proud of this situation to not be like a celebrity's son who go on about how to save the planet and don't realise the good people of this world are working to pay for rent and entertainments.

Be proud to be middle or working class with street smarts and a good attitude.

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Alex Remizo