No police presence
Monday 29th June

I read in the local South Manchester newspaper how someone was in a hold-up at a petrol station, they called the police who never came! In the last 2 weeks people have been shot in Fallowfield at 9:30am and Gorton at about 2am.

No-one's scared of the police anymore. The problem is not the drug dealing, it's the crimes against members of the public such as assault, muggings, robberies and carjackings that need to be reduced.

There's been two carjackings on the streets next to where I live in the past few months, one of them happened to someone I know. The only people the police are intimidating are hard working middle classes for driving offences.

It's not the police officers' fault. It's the management and training. Out of the whole police force only a fraction are on the street fighting crime and protecting people.

This seriously affects a night out and lifestyles of the people trying to enjoy the entertainment venues. It's reaching the point, like I mentioned before, that it's only worth going out if you have a limo or reliable taxi service.

I'm changing my nights out to using the car and travelling door to door when I'm on dates and with friends. Otherwise I'd feel bad putting them in danger.

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Alex Remizo