Insurance investigator
Thursday 9th July 2009

It's 9:30am and the insurance company has sent someone from an investigations company to my place. Yesterday I phoned the solicitor and insurance company to check that this guy was actually sent by them, and not from the opposition as a way to find disputing facts. It all checked out ok.

He comes across as a respectable man who is 60 years old. He asks question after question about the incident, also he asks to see the drivers licence, MOT and logbook.

The reason an investigator has been sent is because I didn't tell the insurance company about the accident when it happened. This was because the guy who drove into my car said we'd settle it ourselves.

Apparently it's better in this situation to tell the insurance company about the incident, just to inform them. Then decide whether to make a claim later.

I'm pleased the guy is 60 years old because chances are he's been in the business a long time and knows I'm telling the truth.

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