Drawback of the speed dating lifestyle
Friday 12th June

It's 4:20pm, I'm at home and I've just been on the phone to Baz. I agreed to go speed dating with him, where we'll catch up as we haven't seen each other in a while. When he invited me earlier this afternoon I was considering not going speed dating and going to a nightclub instead. I just don't feel that much like going, although I realised I can fit in speed dating and a club afterwards. So I decided to do both.

Then I speak to a relative who says that maybe speed dating isn't that good and gives me les confidence. When approaching people in bars it's using intuition and I pick from lots of people. However speed dating is picking from what's put in front of you.

It's right.

Last Friday I went up to a hot lady in Font, chatted her up, and the next day she's texting me how she's looking forward to going out for a coffee. I get a lot more successes when choosing who to approach, and it's a lot more fun. There's often a kind of dark atmosphere at speed dating.

I have had successes from speed dating and met a few nice people, but there was a lot of not nice people too. Also speed dating can make you lazy about approaching.

So after tonight I'm not going to visit speed dating as much and focus on approaching again, which was a big part of the fun of going out.

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Alex Remizo