Dancing with my girlfriend
Saturday 18th July

I'm in Tiger Tiger with my girlfriend dancing. It's a good night out. We've been here a few hours. Now we're on the raised dancefloor area in the main room. There are 5 ladies dressed as policewomen, a few dressed as cavewomen, 5 as cheerleaders, some guys in normal clothes and a few couples here. Me and my girlfriend kiss. One of the cheerleaders chants "Rent a room, rent a room". I ignore it.

Two smartly dressed guys approach the cheerleaders and try to dance opposite them, as if joining in the group. The guys aren't being sleazy, they're doing it in a positive way and come across as quite fun and cool. The ladies stop dancing, make rude faces and say something to the guys, the guys leave looking unhappy.
Me: "That's funny. They don't like it when couples kiss, but don't want any guys of their own. Those guys looked fun and tried really hard."
My girlfriend: "Yes they did. They seemed nice but maybe they weren't the right guys."

Now we're not on the raised dancefloor, but on the dancefloor area in the main room near the doorway to the lounge area.
I look around and notice
Me: "Have you noticed how few couples there are here? It's all groups of guys and girls."

I consider how cool it is to be dancing with a girlfriend in this club. A few ladies look at us and smile, as if to say it's good to be in a couple.

Me: "In the 90's when I used to go clubbing, lots of people would be in couples and kissing by now. But no-one really pulls anyone at these venues anymore."

Nightclubs are best for dancing anyway. Pulling is better in bars and pubs.

We have a good dance in the nightclub room to some dance music.

It's a fun night out.

On the way back, walking through the city, I notice Ed playing the saxophone. It's Ed - the guy I met in the Cornerhouse cinema on the 22nd April. I say hi and continue out of the city.

Summary and venue reviews

Tiger Tiger
Busy. Clientele: smart casual, smart. Décor: 8/10.
Tiger Tiger

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