Crazy speed dating women
Friday 12th June

It's 7:35pm and I'm at La Tasca for another speed dating event. It's going to be an enjoyable evening.

I have good conversation with the guys there about dating. Lots of joking around. To be fair the more fun aspect of speed dating is having a laugh with the guys.

I talk to the 15 ladies at this event. The majority of them come across as loopy and unstable however there are a few normal ones. It's concerning that the ones that come across most unstable were a group of doctors, the craziest one of which is an anaesthetist called Susan. So drunk slurring their words. A few of the other women were from as far afield as Shrewsbury and Huddersfield. I have a rule that I won't travel further north than the city centre or further south than Knutsford for a date.

On the positive side there were a few ladies that come across as very genuine and were well presented. I look forward to getting to know them better.

After the event Baz goes home. He was going to go busking but unfortunately his guitar broke. I go nightclubbing by myself, end up meeting some people I've seen around before and have a good night.

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 12th June

La Tasca
Medium busy. Clientele: smart, smart casual. Décor: 7/10.
Notes: The venue for a speed dating event.
La Tasca Deansgate

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