Car insurance and jury service
Friday 29th May

8:00am. I turn on the radio. It's tuned to NME. The two stations I've been listening to lately are NME and the Revolution.
NME: "The weather today will reach temperatures of 24 degrees……"

The car insurance documents have arrived in the post – to fill in the details of what happened in the incident. There's also a letter from the crown court excusing me from jury service. Two important letters in one day.

I'm in Altrincham town centre buying a black ink cartridge because it's run out on the printer. In Altrincham it's not easy to park right next the shops, although it's quick and easy to park near the shops at Stamford Park for free. The park is a few minutes walk from the shops making it more convenient than Manchester.

The weather is hot, sunny, blue sky with a few clouds. I'm dressed smart casual with a new style - faded jeans, boots and a shirt.

Below is a copy of the diagram of the car incident sent off to the insurance company.

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 29th May

Medium busy.
Notes: A town south of Manchester.

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