Bank holiday car boot sale
Monday 25th May

It's 7:20am on a bank holiday Monday, the sun is shining, the air smells of grass and flowers, it's a nice day. I drive to Timperley Cricket Ground which is next to Altrincham Golf Club. It's nice driving with the window down.

As I approach the entrance to the venue, a car in front turns away and drives off. It can't be that busy can it? I drive up to the entrance and notice a sign saying it's 50p per person and 1 for parking. I turn the car around and park around the corner a minute away. As I park on the street other people arrive and park here too. It appears they don't want to pay 1 entry fees. I'm only going for 15 minutes so there's no point spending a pound and the car being blocked in a space on the field.

I walk over to the car boot sale. It's so nice in the early morning when it's sunny.

I'm walking around looking at the stalls. I'm looking for some particular things including a mobile phone with speakerphone, or maybe a Nokia 8210, and a car radio. There's a pioneer car radio. I don't buy it because I'm not sure about the wiring connector on the back of it. There is a Nokia 8210 which has no charge and no way of testing it so I leave it.

Quality car boot sales such as these are ideal because it's possible to inspect the goods, unlike the internet. Second hand is the only way to buy mobile phones I like ones without all the cameras and gadgets. Also car radios ones that play cassettes and without all the flashing coloured LED's on the front.

It's a really nice atmosphere at this car boot sale. There isn't the traders you usually get and people are very polite and excited about the whole event.

Summary and venue reviews: Monday 25th May

Timperley Cricket Club
Busy. Clientele: locals.
Notes: A very well organised car boot sale with some good items for sale.
Timperley Cricket Club

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Alex Remizo