Are you a computer addict?
Wednesday 10th June

I've noticed that gradually as people I know use online social networking more, they stop taking care of themselves. They lose the ability to relate to people in real life and have less motivation for going out, dancing and other entertainments.
People who when I first met them come across as classy, trendy and outgoing - their personality can completely change to reclusive, geeky and low self esteem.

Here's a checklist to help notice if online social networking is affecting your lifestyle:

Do you not take care of yourself for example, don't wash, put on clean clothes, polish shoes, or brush your teeth as much as you used to.

Do you not bother doing a job properly and rush back to the social networking site.

Is the only point of going out to take photos and post reports on the internet.

Answering yes to a number of these could indicate computer or online social networking addiction.

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Alex Remizo