Season 4 Manchester By Night

Episode Summary of Season 4 of Manchester By Night

Article: Turn off Bridget Jones' Diary - Wednesday 18th February

Article: Paris Hilton and Friends - Thursday 19th February

1. Style in Withington - Friday 20th February

Article: Why do you buy clothes? - Friday 20th February

2. We met at JJB sports - Saturday 21st February

3. The last days of clubbing - Friday 27th February

Article: Nigel Mansell on teamwork - Saturday 28th February

4. Cheshire by chance - Sunday 8th March

5. Social skills come in useful - Saturday 14th March

6. Didsbury friends event - Tuesday 17th March

7. Pua in Didsbury - Tuesday 17th March

8. Creatine and other additives - Wednesday 18th March

Article: Let's get this started - Thursday 19th March

9. The school play - Thursday 19th March

10. Speed dating - Friday 20th March

11. Too many decibels - Friday 27th March

12. Alleyway near the wastelands - Friday 10th April

Article: Women are safer in the city - Friday 10th April

13. Speed dating La Tasca - Tuesday 21st April

14. Say hello to Ed - Wednesday 22nd April

15. Manchester's Vice City Part 1 - Saturday 2nd May

16. Manchester's Vice City Part 2 - Saturday 2nd May

Article: Manchester at night is not a nice place to be - Sunday 3rd May

17. Speed dating again - Wednesday 6th May

18. Unemployed and at the casino - Friday 15th May

19. Most expensive burger and chips in town - Monday 18th May

20. Wheel clamping in Altrincham - Thursday 21st May

21. Fake life experiences - Thursday 21st May

22. Manchester Airport - Thursday 21st May

Article: Manchester's Massage Parlours - Sunday 24th May

Manchester By Night