1. Alex K's New Year - Friday 2nd January

2. January sales - Saturday 3rd January

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5. Casino freebies - Tuesday 13th January

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8. Comedy and booze - Friday 16th January

9. Articles: Friday 16th January
The pick up artists

Bars and nightclubs
Go out more often

12. Gold digger from Peru - Saturday 17th January

13. Friends for bars and nightclubbing - Tuesday 20th January

14. Entertainment and activities - Wednesday 21st January

15. Comment from a journalist - Wednesday 21st January

16. Next exit: the real world - Saturday 24th January

17. Fashion in common - Wednesday 4th February

18. This is no San-Francisco - Thursday 5th February

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Getting back into dating - Thursday 5th February

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21. James Bond Theme - Friday 6th February

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22. Planning the regular night out - Thursday 12th February

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25. Being a good guy finishes first - Monday 16th February

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