Spray cans and body filler
Saturday 15th November

It's 11:52am, the phone rings
Me: "Hi."
Alex K: "Hi, how did it go last night?"
Me: "The French Guy didn't come on time so I didn't wait around. He turned up later but I'd gone to meet Chris."
Alex K: "You're serious?"
Me: "You know what I'm like with people being late or rearranging. First he rearranged from 8 to 9. Then at 9 when I got there he texted and said he'd be 15 minutes late so I left."
Alex K: "What did he say?"
Me: "He texted saying sorry a few times and that he wants to meet up next week. I didn't reply."
Alex K: "You're not going to meet up with him at all now?"
Me: "No. Why should I."
Alex K: "If you leave it two weeks then invite him he'd definitely turn up on time."
Me: "Yes, but so what. Maybe he wasn't ok after all. How did the catering go?"
Alex K: "It went well but I damaged the hire car on the way back. I chipped the bottom of the bumper on a dip in the road."
Me: "They might not notice."
Alex K: "They will."
Me: "What colour is it?"
Alex K: "Black."
Me: "I've got a metallic black and body filler. Bring it over here, we'll touch it up and it'll be ok."
Alex K: "I took it back at 10 today."
Me: "You should have said."
Alex K: "What. I would have had to call you at 6:00am to get it done in time."
Me: "I was up at 6 and it wouldn't take that long. You should have texted the phone."
Alex K: "Most people aren't awake at that time."
Me: "Anyway. It might not be that bad. Where were you working?"
Alex K: "Cardiff. It was a rugby match. There were 55,000 people."
Me: "What, you catered for 55,000?"
Alex K: "Not all of them. The ones that bought food."
Me: "That's a big event. You were managing it?"
Alex K: "Yes, the catering. Are you going out Tuesday?"
Me: "I might do."
Tuesday afternoon is usually my day off. I work on Saturday and Sunday at the moment because I've a lot to do with the book and the websites. On Tuesday I sometimes go to the city centre all afternoon and early evening.
Alex K: "I'll come at 4pm if you're in Manchester."
Me: "Ok."
Alex K: "I'll call you during the week."
Me: "Ok, see you later."

I consider what Alex K said. Maybe some people are ok, but are so used to everyone being late and blasť about turning up on time, they become like that too. So maybe we should give people a chance to realise how things work on our nights out.

Also, maybe we shouldn't be so strict at first. People can be different once there's been a chance to get to know them. Also the more people we get to know, the more they'll introduce us to their friends who we might get on with, even if the person who introduced us doesn't come along to our nights out many times.

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