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Thursday 27th November

It's 9:15am. I text everyone I'm inviting along to Friday night. I'm developing a system.

First I write a list of everyone I'll invite out, then I contact them putting a tick next to each name as I go. Then as they reply I'll write next to each one if they're coming or not.

It's like advertising. They get a text every week inviting them out. It's PR every week there's something going on and it lets them know we keep going out so it must be good. All I can do is keep inviting and they'll realise I'm not going to be late, cancel, and that it's something more than a one off.

Also, whether they come out or not, I'm improving myself and going out every week and having a good time.

I'm inviting Joseph, Rebecca, Laura who we met in Odder last week, Jenny and James.

I'm only inviting these few people because I reassessed the situation and the rest of the people I met aren't at the going out level. Some need to be persuaded too much and almost dragged to come out. Others simply can't dress smart or won't even though they've got a smart wardrobe. Some only wear a certain style for example indie a check shirt over a t-shirt with jeans and trainers is great for going specifically to an indie club although if someone wears it on a general night out it means we can't go into certain venues if we feel like it, which limits the places we can go.

It's about making an effort. That's all. We make fashion mistakes, that's ok, we try new hairstyles, that's ok. It's all ok. Just look clean and well presented. If it's too much to ask to wear smart trousers, or jeans without rips in, a shirt and shoes, then going to the city isn't for them.

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