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Thursday 20th November

It's 11pm. I turn on my mobile phone. I've got a number of texts from everyone except Lee and Becky.

Yesterday I sent lots of text messages to invite people out on Friday. I was inviting people who we've met over the last few months of going out.

No-one can make it. The reasons are one person is at an archaeology lecture at a museum, the others are going to organised things already. Altogether that's 8 people, 5 are busy, 2 no replies.

On the upside They text back that they'd like to go out and to let them know next time. Also, Jenny who I met on the bus (Thursday 26th September 2008) invites me to church Sunday morning, James invites me to an event at a church event Sunday evening and offers to drive me there, Joseph invites me to meet up on a weekday.

At least one thing has come from all this. People are inviting me out, even if the Friday night out isn't getting many people along.

It could be that this week people are unusually busy. I'll invite them out next time and see what happens. Also I might go to some of the events I'm invited to and recruit people from those events to my events.

Summary and venue reviews: Thursday 20th November

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