Good night out
Thursday 4th December Part 2

It's 6:55pm, the phone rings.
Me: "Hi."
Jackson: "Yo."
Me: "What's up?"
Jackson: "Did you go to the social event?"
Me: "Yes. I left early. There were games and activities which were ok. I was expecting more of Christmassy music and dancing."

We talk a while then I say
Me: "Instead of talking on the phone we should meet up in Didsbury."
Jackson: "How long does it take to get there?"
Me: "15 minutes." I check the time, it's 7:05pm."
Jackson: "Do you want to meet at 7:30pm outside the car park?"
Me: "Ok. See you in a bit."
I end the call. I get changed into black trousers, a white shirt, blue pastel coloured v-neck pull-over and a black jacket. I also take a baseball cap because it might rain.
I get in the car, start the engine and drive over to Didsbury. Jackson is waiting outside the bars near the car park.
We go into a bar. It turns out Jackson also invited Visana who comes along to that social group on Monday nights. It's good that someone I've met makes the effort to invite other people along rather than me always being the one to invite people.

We chat, have a lot a laughs, it's a very good night.

We leave at midnight when the bar closes.

Summary and venue reviews: Thursday 4th December

Bars in Didsbury

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Alex Remizo