Everyone is in the media
Thursday 4th December Part 1

It's 1:30pm, the phone rings
Me: "Hi."
Alex K: "Hi."
Me: "What's happening?"
Alex K: "I'm going to the theatre. It starts at 7:30pm you should come along."
Me: "If it was a play I definitely wanted to see then I would. Besides I don't want to be out late because I'm going out tomorrow."
Alex K: "Who are you going with?"
Me: "On my own. I had a good time last week."
Alex K: "I might not be working next week so I might be able to come out."
Me: "Sure. Let me know."
Alex K: "I had my hair cut at the barbers and you know what?"
Me: "What?"
Alex K: "The barber was a film director. It's right what you say about everyone being a director and actor. Everyone is in the media."
Me: "Since I last said that I've met more screenwriters and actors too. What film is the barber working on?"
Alex K: "He was a director. It didn't work out so he became a barber instead. What do you think is the difference between them and people in Hollywood?"
Me: "I don't know. People in Hollywood get stuff done. They work at it every day and if people around them don't get anything done they ignore it and continue with what they're doing anyway. It's a lot like going out."
Alex K: "Yes."
Me: "They get a finished product out too. Too many actors make short films. They should make a one and a half hour film and even if it's rubbish it can still be marketed and sold. Some people will like it."
Alex K: "Right."
Me: "Once you're making films it's a lot easier because you've got a finished product. Otherwise you're going up to people empty handed with nothing to show them what you do."
We talk a while.

Alex K: "We'll have to go out approaching soon."
Me: "Yes, to be fair we haven't been approaching many people lately. It's because we've been having a good time."
Alex K: "Well yes."
Me: "We've been approaching one or two people on a night out which is just normal going out. To build a lifestyle we should be approaching more."
Alex K: "We'll have to go out, I'll call you next week."
Me: "Ok, see you later."
I put the phone down.
Summary and venue reviews: Thursday 4th December

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