Church cult
Friday 28th November Part 1

Events have taken an unexpected turn. James who I invited out replied to the text saying that: his brother is visiting for the weekend, thanks for the invite, a night on the town isn't his kind of thing, that he's more of a chill out pub type person.

This is a turnaround. He kept saying he was interested in going out to clubs and bars. Then he invited me to come to his church every Sunday and I said that I can't make it. Since then he hasn't been interested in meeting up.

Jenny also is always busy now – after I told her I wouldn't come to her church every Sunday.

It was a con. They were pretending to be friendly so they could ask me to join their church – James at Kings Church in the city, Jenny at Christian Fellowship in Sale.

I should have noticed the signs. They were talking about religion lots. I was accepting them for who they are. At university there used to be the Christian cults that do something called an Alpha course.

Laura who I met in Odder hasn't replied. That's always a possibility when I only spoke to her for a few minutes although she gave me her contact details saying she said she wanted to meet up again.

Joseph is seeing his girlfriend on Friday night and thanks me for the invite. Maybe I should have gone on a date with Michela or that lady who gave me her number last week. Even then, if I'm going to date someone they should be someone who can come on a good night out. Maybe it's too much to ask to go out on Friday at all. People just get in a relationship and spend the evenings watching X-factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

Jokers. The problem here is the type of people – artists and religious cults. Laura a freelance artist, Joseph an actor, Jenny and James from religious cults. You only find these things out when you get to know people.

I do have 6 people who I can go for coffees with who I met over the last few months, but like I said yesterday (see Thursday 27th November) they're not into nights out. Michela is also a go out for coffee or local pub type because she doesn't like going out late. I'm in touch with 4 of these people on a regular basis, and have been out for coffee twice this week. But I have other things to do than go out for coffees all the time.

I could invite Vivien who wants to go out this weekend definitely, I spoke to her the other day and if she says something she means it. She works until late and would have to meet me at 10:30pm. If I'm going out on my own to meet her at 10:30pm I might as well go out with her on Saturday when we can meet earlier because she's not working.

So disregarding them, the people who can't wear smart clothes, don't like nights out, artists and religious cults. Well……………

Right. I'm starting this whole thing over. Now I realise that there are thousands of people out there who want to go out, enjoy themselves, the city entertainments. Some don't even meet anyone at work as everyone goes straight home at the end of the day. Or the people met through work don't live nearby, and any other reason. Some don't even have people to go for coffee with. And those who already have a good night out and want to join up with people like me who also enjoy the same thing too. I know they are out there and want to meet up. But we have to connect. There are too many people pretending they want to go out in between us all spoiling things.

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 28th November

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