Fashion and Accessories
Men's fashion
Manchester has a dress down culture to not attract too much attention. In Manchester being smart means more chance of attracting robbery, street violence, and yobs. There's a very 'keep your head down and keep walking' attitude in the city.
With the influx of foreign students some oriental groups can be seen wearing brighter colours and trousers with shoes.

Alex doesn't adhere to the dress down attitude and prefers to dress smart in modern style or late 90's style. There is also an 80's influence in summertime with light and pastel colours.

Alex K is sometimes smart, mostly smart casual with a trendy leather jacket and designer ripped jeans. He is sometimes mistaken for being a member of a criminal organisation.

Jackson almost always wears all black with black cowboy boots.

Marko wears smart casual, coloured shirts and jackets, with accessories such as bracelets and necklaces.

The majority who feature in Manchester by night are mostly smart casual with jeans and t-shirt.

Women's fashion
Women's fashion in Manchester is also not too conspicuous as it can attract the unwanted attention of certain passers by in the street.

Some women are seen wearing the latest smart fashion is in the Printworks where large groups of women go, often reminiscent of the 1990's. Also the Birdcage nightclub where hen nights go.

New years eve and Christmas parties are an occasion to dress smart.

Dates and going out for meals are generally the main occasions women in Manchester wear the latest fashion.

Watches and accessories
There's a trend of people not wearing watches as they have a mobile phone with time on it. When people do wear watches, there are some modern styles with coloured faces or diamond style glass. Chrome and gold look flash. Vintage Casio are trendy and have many useful functions.

Nightclubbers prefer basic phones with mono screens for quick and easy texting. Requirements are not many menus and large simple characters. A speaker as loud as possible to hear over loud music. Size and weight small enough to carry around. Alex uses a Nokia 8210 in Season 1, a Nokia 3310 in Seasons 2-7.

Favourite stores in Manchester are the main high street stores. Market street and the Arndale, King Street with designer stores is more appealing to the Cheshire Set and finance crowd who go out to restaurants.

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