Women are safer in the city
Friday 10th April

When walking along city streets at night I see women looking concerned, scared and trying to look straight ahead to get from home to bar or nightclub without getting attacked. The media makes a huge deal of women being attacked at night by bad guys, although guys on a night out have it far worse. Lots of guys are attacked every weekend for no reason and it never makes news. In the casino there's this 60 year old lady who talks to people in there. She was saying to the younger people to stay safe on the city streets. She knows a number of female friends whose sons were attacked and ended up in a bad way in hospital. Also a few weeks ago a doorman was killed in Rusholme.

If a guy starts on a lady lots of guys will run to protect the lady. If a guy starts on a guy no-one does anything. If doormen are involved they'll often beat a guy up. I've seen women start fights with a guy outside the Printowrks then the guy has to explain himself to security, for defending himself, while women walk free. I've seen women injured in bars and nightclubs having been in fights with other women. The problem is when women fight they don't hesitate to use weapons a glass, handbag and so on.

Women might be more vulnerable to muggers when on their own in the suburbs, but it's guys that need to be concerned about their safety in the city.

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Alex Remizo