Saturday 21st February

I'm driving from the suburbs in Cheshire to Didsbury with quality music playing on the radio. Also in the car is a guy called Marko – he's from China and came to live and study in England with some family who already live here.

We originally met 2 years ago in Allsports – he worked at the store and as the place was closing down it was selling most stock at half price. I bought some Reebok Classics, Nike Airs and lots more. I was visiting the store every few days because they kept bringing in new stock and that's how I kept seeing Marko around. The most useful item I bought there was a Reebok mat which is great for sit ups. A few months after the store closed I was standing outside some shops waiting for someone, this guy who used to work at Allsports happened to be walking past and said:
Him: "Hi, how's it going?"
Me: "Good thanks, I'm waiting for someone. Did you find a job?"
Him: "No I've applied to all the shops and cafes but haven't got anything."
Me: "It's hard to get a job in a shop, they prefer immigrants who are only here for a few months to people who have settled here."
Him: "I've noticed that too. What are you doing now? Do you want to come to the pub?"
Me: "I'm busy but we can meet up another day."
Him: "Ok, what's your number?"
Me: "07957………"

So we started going out to pubs and cafes. Marko is an alright guy because he can have good conversation, he's got his own style, he's polite and an ok person. He's one of those people you can trust to respect property, for example if they're in your car or around at your place. He's enthusiastic about going out and is someone I can introduce to other friends.

So we're driving to the Woodstock in Didsbury with the radio playing and the sunroof open. The atmosphere tonight is so good. It's cool when guys are out having a good time.

We get to the Woodstock and go inside.

It's a very good night out. We discuss dating, careers, how it's really important to be busy and have something to do and get into whether it's a hobby, career or sport.

Marko is moving to Dorset in a month. He's been offered a job he's always wanted and worked towards. Tonight our conversation has been motivating for my career and this project. It's good when friends encourage each other and the positive environment makes you proud and want to do well.

Summary and venue reviews: Saturday 21st February

Woodstock pub
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual, smart. Décor: 8/10.
Woodstock pub

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