Turn off Bridget Jones' Diary
Wednesday 18th February

Do you find with some friends that you have to drag them to get them to come out with you as if they're playing a game and enjoy the being persuaded? Women I've dated over the past few months have said this happens a lot to them. It's likely because women feel unsafe and conspicuous going out on their own to a venue so need others to come out with them.

One lady I was speaking with a few weeks ago was saying how she was with a group of friends dancing in a nightclub and another lady came over to them and asked if she could dance with them her own friends wouldn't dance. It's great that she had the confidence to walk up to a group of ladies and ask to join in.

An option I was considering is that ladies could go out on their own if they had a taxi drop them off and pick them up outside the front door of the venue. They could go and approach ladies and have conversations and dance if they did it in the right way. It's possible that many ladies could get out there and improve their lifestyle without needing a guy with them. It would mean many would gain self-respect and self control in situations with lots of people around.

It wouldn't be a dangerous thing for guys if ladies went out and made female friends. Guys would benefit as their girlfriends will be able to choose her own friends rather than being stuck with her current group if she doesn't get on with them. Some women will be able to deal with each others jealousy in a mature way rather than getting annoyed and fighting with each other because they'll be able to just go out and find new friends. Also if they have more fun then us guys will feel better having a girlfriend who has got a lifestyle she enjoys.

Also, if ladies could get together and enjoy hobbies and activities such as cooking, bridge, sewing and playing sports they'd have something in common just like many guys used to be interested in and discuss cars and sport.

Turn off Bridget Jones' Diary, put down the romance books and boxes of tissues and go out, meet people and take up a hobby.

The same goes for men as well as women nowadays. Take up activities, go out, meet people, make things happen.

Summary and venue reviews: Wednesday 18th February

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Alex Remizo