Speed dating again
Wednesday 6th May

I'm at a speed dating event in Didsbury. The organiser is concerned because some people didn't turn up even though they paid in advance.

It's an amusing night although I won't get any dates out of it, as I've already met half of the ladies here from previous speed dating events. The others are from Glossop and Prestwich, too far to travel for a date.

I'm sitting at one of the tables talking to one of the ladies I've met before.
Me: "How's it going?"
Her: "Hi, we met before."
Me: "Yes at La Tasca Deansgate. We didn't pick each other though."
Her: "No. I didn't pick you because I said I worked in finance. And when I talked about finance you mentioned cfd's. When I said I didn't know what cfd's were you looked surprised so I didn't pick you."
Me: I laugh and say "You didn't pick me because I looked surprised when you didn't know what a financial term meant?!"
Her: "Yes. It made me feel like I wasn't good at my job. Other than that you came across really well."
Me: "You're an independent financial advisor, I expected you to know what cfd's are."
Her: "That's not my area of expertise."
Me: "How many dates did you get out of the last speed dating event?"
Her: "I got one match."
Me: "Did it turn into a date?"
Her: "No." she says, now almost laughing at herself, realising how she doesn't pick anyone.
Me: "You boycott yourself. You have to give people a chance to get to know them."

Baz is at another nearby table talking with one of the ladies from Glossop. He spills a pint of beer all over the table. He's sitting at a table next to the balcony and beer spills off the table, over the balcony and onto a man eating a meal at a table on the ground floor! The man is looking up wondering what's going on. Baz goes downstairs and apologises. Only a small amount spills on his suit and it's all ok.

Summary and venue reviews: Wednesday 6th May

La Tasca in Didsbury
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual, smart. Decor: 8/10.
Notes: Some people in the city go regularly to speed dating events. La Tasca Didsbury
Speed dating

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