Pua in Manchester
Tuesday 17th March

It's late in the evening. I was at a party earlier. Now I randomly end up in conversation with a guy who says he's a pick up artist. There seem to be a lot of pua's in Manchester (pua is short for pick up artist).
Him: "I'm learning from this guy who's really good at picking up women. He uses all the psychology and you can see them falling for it."
Me: "Does he have a girlfriend?"
Him: "No but he has women he can call up any time and they'll come over."
Me: "That's the problem, these guys never have girlfriends."
Hin: "No it's good because his skills are amazing. I'm learning off him as his student. The art of pick-up, it's interesting how you can manipulate people."
Me: "That's not a good thing. I prefer to be genuine and get on with genuine people. The approaching and dating is ok, although not the psychology and manipulation. Going out is meant to be fun."
Him: "I was in a club the other day and swapped numbers with this woman."
Me: "Have you met up with her yet?"
Him: "No we've spoken on the phone and we get on really well. But I think she likes me too much so she's been hard to meet up with."
Me: "Arrange a time and place."
Him: "She wanted to meet up with me this week but I'm away with work. I'm a company director but I never tell them that."
Me: "You run your own business, that's good."
Him: "It's my parents business."
Me: "Why don't you tell them you're a director, you should be proud of what you do."
Him: "Because they'll see me as settling down material."
Me: "So what."
Him: "This guy I'm learning off has so many women he's becoming a sex addict."
Me: "It means he's not enjoying it."
Him: "What do you mean?"
Me: "He's not fulfilled by the women he's meeting. It should be fun to be with someone, not an addiction. The problem is that the guys using these techniques are attracting the wrong sort."
Him: "The tools we've got, with them you can do so much. You can use them to manipulate people so easily. He can get women just like that."
Me: "I used to work in sales so I know about the techniques. A lot of guys get a kick out of having power over someone. They have this evil look in their eye. When you talk about these things you've got that look as well."
Him: "Have I? But it's so good going out to meet women."
Me: "It's good to go out, chat to lots of people, meet ladies, but lay off the manipulation. Just go out and enjoy yourself."
Him: "But what you can achieve with these tools….."

He didn't understand about the manipulation. In terms of using the techniques, maybe they aren't so bad. Many honest, decent men go through life watching the bad boy attracting the women. At least approaching women will get them in the game and they'll learn, rather than being alone. They'll form their own opinions over time. The big step is going out to talk to people.

Summary and venue reviews: Tuesday 17th March

Varsity Didsbury
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Varsity Didsbury

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