Paris Hilton and Friends
Thursday 19th February

I was on the bus going to the city having parked the car in Fallowfield and there was a Metro newspaper which I had a look through. It's a free newspaper that they put in racks on the buses or Metrolink platforms for people to pick up and read on their journey. I read about Paris Hilton and the TV series about her trying to find a new best friend. She was quoted saying how lots of people pretend to be friends to use her fame. I can believe it. In many ways I'm glad I'm not famous not being famous and going out has shown me how many people are so entrenched into only wanting to be friends with celebrities and people who give an obvious instant benefit for example money, fame and free stuff. Friendship is about sharing things and being in each other's company, all this means you'll do better in your own lives. You don't need to beg from celebrities because you can have the lifestyle yourselves.

Summary and venue reviews: Thursday 19th February

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Alex Remizo