Nigel Mansell on teamwork
Saturday 28th February

I was reading the Nigel Mansell autobiography which I saw in a shop and decided to buy on Friday. I used to be a fan of Formula 1, this well written autobiography gives an insight into the sport as well as being about the person. The other one I've read is Roy Keane's. I bought it being a fan of Manchester United and at one point Roy Keane would go to the local pub.

In Nigel Mansell's book he was saying how he remembers a Groucho Marx episode (it's a classic comedy series) the comedian was saying: "I wouldn't want to be a member of a club which would have someone like me as a member." Nigel Mansell was saying that he prefers to be in a team where the members get on with him rather than are against him.

This rings very true when it comes to meeting people. Every now and again when I do meet someone I get on with it's the case that they're the sort of people who want to be a member of a group that does like them.

I find the majority of people want to join anything they're excluded from and avoid anything they're welcomed to. They boycott their social life by chasing after people who don't like them and ignoring good people who want to arrange a night out. If you find that you're doing this then try accepting offers from people who like you. Your social life could become a lot busier and more enjoyable.

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Alex Remizo