Manchester's Massage Parlours
Sunday 24th May

In the Sunday Times today there is an article about adverts of a sexual nature on Craigslist. The journalist reported how, on an ITV investigative programme. they advertised a fake brothel on the internet. The programme was based in Manchester. It received 400 enquiries in two hours, this was described as 40,000 of potential business. Over 1 week it received 1000 enquiries via email and phone calls from people in Manchester.

A Student Direct (Manchester University student newspaper) article reports how Manchester was called - UK capital for massage parlours - by an author writing a guide to massage parlours in the UK.

This could mean lots of guys are finding it hard to get a girlfriend, or a girlfriend they like. It's surprising there's such a big sex industry in Manchester.

It's also quite sad and disappointing to find this out. People should go out and chat each other up more, get to know each other rather than paying for sex.

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An article by Manchester Student Direct newspaper about Manchester and massage parlours
Student Direct Article

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Alex Remizo