Manchester at night is not a nice place to be
Sunday 3rd May

While Manchester city centre in the daytime and early evening can be an enjoyable place to visit, at night time it's not a pleasant night out. There are some good venues which are run well by excellent staff but the city is overshadowed by violence, alcoholism and being hustled for money by professional beggars. There are also people who come across as unstable and the type that watch too many gangster programmes who have lost touch with reality.

Lots of people would like to go out and enjoy being in a vibrant atmosphere with other partygoers. However the only way it's worth visiting a restaurant, bar or nightclub here is to be dropped off an picked up from outside the venue by a driver. Walking along the city streets from a car, public transport or taxi rank is too hazardous for the average person and is an unpleasant experience.

Even with a regular place to go out in the city, lots of classy people wouldn't come out to meet up because they say it's too rough.

Summary and venue reviews: Sunday 3rd May

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Alex Remizo