Keep the evidence intact
Sunday 3rd May

This is part of a report sent to the insurance company.

I've discussed the car incident with some family and friends. They say it sounds like it could be a conman but to see and settle it ourselves that we pay for our own damage.
Some people I know are concerned that he could be a shady character. They say that they could get a garage they know to fix both cars he's a young kid, it's not a big deal and I can get on with my life.

I phone the guy who drove into my car at 2pm. He's put on a very croaky voice as if it's been put on with his bottom lip out but with a gangster edge. He says the light is cracked, that he's going to get some quotes and will phone me back on Tuesday. He puts the phone down quickly before I can say anything.

He doesn't call. I go on holiday a week later leaving the car in the garage. He doesn't call the home phone or the mobile. I consider he's taking time getting it fixed himself. Then I get a letter in the post about a claim for personal injury, which I didn't expect. He could have assumed I had the car repaired by then, but I kept it intact with the paint evidence from his car on it, just in case.

Summary and venue reviews: Sunday 3rd May

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Alex Remizo