Jury service
Wednesday 13th May

I arrive home from holiday and there's some post including a letter with a law courts stamp on it. I open it and it's asking me to do jury service. I plan to reply and ask to be excused. It seems if you live in the suburbs near the border of Cheshire in places like Altrincham, Timperley and Sale, there's a very high chance of being picked for jury service. I've been asked twice now and I know of a lot of people in these southern areas that have done it. I don't know of a single person from Didsbury or any other suburban neighbourhood close to the city that has done it. The letter says that jurors are selected at random. Although it appears there's some kind of preselection of choosing people from what are known as the nicer neighbourhoods. Possibly there are less criminals in the nicer neighbourhoods so that's why they get picked more.

Summary and venue reviews: Wednesday 13th May

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Alex Remizo