Fake life experiences
Thursday 21st May

I'm at home now and reflecting on the night out at the bars in Altrincham. At one point 2 guys started saying about how they find it's 2 years when relationships can change. Those guys are about 23 years old what could they possibly know about being in relationships for 2 years?

Then I realise how they're only repeating what's been in the media lately Peter Andre and Jordan have been releasing statements how they lost interest in each other after 2 years. Now the general public are relating it to their own lives and telling it in pubs.

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out what is real life experience and what is people repeating things they heard in the media.

Another thing I found is that the younger generation seem to talk very graphically about their sex lives as if they've got something to prove that they've actually got a girlfriend. I prefer to talk about going out, cars and hobbies. If the topic comes to ladies we discuss how well we get on, what the lady does for career or hobbies and so on, not the details from the bedroom that's private and should be between the two people.

Summary and venue reviews: Thursday 21st May

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Alex Remizo