Creatine and other additives
Wednesday 18th March

I went on a date in Didsbury tonight and it went well. It's with one of the ladies I met at the singles night.

What I've noticed when going out in the past few months is that more and more guys in their late teens and early 20's are getting into body building. I can see why because on a night out it gives you a kind of authority and people are less likely to start fights with you.

Alex K used to say it's better to be hard by doing boxing or karate than be big. Then when something starts you can beat them up.

What's also noticeable is that a lot of these guys who work out are big but don't have muscle definition. It's something to do with those protein or creatine shakes they're taking. Boxers and Karate experts have muscle but when they wear a jacket they don't look that big, they come across tough in posture and the way they move.

It's better to avoid the additives and work out to feel good and be healthy.

Summary and venue reviews: Wednesday 18th March

Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual.
Notes: Didsbury is a good location for dates on weekdays.

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Alex Remizo